Petrokimia Gresik

PT Petrokimia Gresik is the most complete fertilizer company in Indonesia, which was initially established under the name ‘Project of Petrokimia Surabaya’. The construction agreement was mutually signed on August 10th, 1964 with the effective date on December 8th, 1964. The project was officially inaugurated by His Excellency The President of The Republic of Indonesia on July 10th, 1972. Hence the date is ultimately commemorated as the anniversary of PT Petrokimia Gresik. Support Facility & Infrastructure In orderto support and facilitate the procurement of raw material, production process and marketing/distribution, PT PETROKIMIA GRESIK has at its disposal all sorts of support facilities and infrastructure, as follows :

I. Pier & Its Ancillaries

The pier for loading and unloading is 625 meters long and 36 meters wide. The pier is designed to enable 40,000 – 60,000 DWT ships to berth along its sea-bound side and other three of under 10,000 DWT ships along its land-bound side concurrently at any one time. This pier is also equipped with a variety of loading/unloading facilities such as: Continuous ship unloader, capable of unloading material in bulk, at a capacity of 1,000 tons per hour. Multiple loading crane, capable of loading various kinds of end products in bulk at a capacity of 120 tons per hour as well as in 50-kg sacks at a capacity of 120 tons per hour. 2 Kangaroo cranes, each capable of unloading bulk material at a capacity of 350 tons per hour. Belt Conveyor; the Corporation has a system of belt conveyor, made up of 3 units with a total length of some 22 kilometers. These three belt conveyor units are, one for filling product into sacks at a capacity of 120 tons per hour and the other two for unloading raw material in bulk at a capacity of 1,000 tons per hour each.

II. Power Station

In order to ensure the supply of electrical power required for its production process and all other activities within its industrial compound, PT PETROKIMIA GRESIK has 2 units of power station at its disposal : Gas turbine generator, located at the nitrogen fertilizer production unit and capable of generating power 33 MW. Steam turbine generator, located at the phosphoric acid production unit and capable of generating power 20 MW. In addition to these two units of power station, the Corporation also receives power supply from the State-owned electricity company PLN, amounting to 15 MW, for some of its joint venture companies, lighting for the employees housing complex, hospital and other facilities.

III. Water Treatment Facility

The first unit to supply clean water required by the Corporation was located at Gunungsari Surabaya, taking in its raw water from the river Brantas. The clean water was subsequently pumped through a 14-inch diameter pipeline to Gresik at a distance of 22 Kilometers away. The treatment and subsequent pumping capacity of this Gunungsari plant stood at 720 cubic meters per hour. The second water treatment unit could be found in Babat Lamongan, processing raw water from the river Bengawan Solo. The processed water is then pumped through a 28-inch pipeline to Gresik some 60 kilometers away. The treatment capacity of this Babat plant is 1500 cubic meters per hour. Yet, its capacity could be increased up to 2500 cubic meters hourly. Now PT Petrokimia Gresik Persero is opening posion for SMU graduate – science department (SMU Jurusan IPA)with qualification below:


  • Indonesia Citizen
  • Gender male
  • Graduated high school (Science, Accreditation A)
  • Maximum age 20 years (born after July 31, 1991)
  • Master of English (minimum passive)
  • Mastering the Basic Computer Program (MS.Word, Ms.Excell, Ms.Power Point)
  • The average value of UAN min 8
  • Minimum height 165 cm / weight
  • Drug-Free
  • No color blindness
  • Not wearing glasses
  • Single – Not married
  • Not tied to service in other agencies.

For those who are interested can register online through the website e-recruitment PT Petrokimia Gresik which can be accessed through link below from 16 August 2011 to August 24, 2011.

PT Petrokimia Gresik

Bambang Heru
Human Resources General Manager

Apply through Petrokimia Gresik Website:

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